Music Monday: Fall Indie Playlist

It’s Music Monday again! This time, I’m making the playlist. What this means to you listeners: indie tracks. Lots of indie tracks. I like indie music, and the weather is looking rainy this week, so cool your midterm blues with some tracks that you can show your friends and then loathe later when they like them and they become popular. So adjust your oversized glasses, ready a chai decaf tea, flip your scarf back, and listen to these digs.

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Jack Lukow

Former Visual Editor, best known for recording Sue Paterno dancing to “Shake it Off”. From Greencastle PA, a town with four traffic lights and a graduating class of 110, Jack’s main life goal is to make sure he never has to return to Greencastle again. A senior in Journalism, you can follow him on twitter (@jackslens), but I wouldn’t. If you think your event deserves video coverage, know someone or something that does, or maybe just want to chat, email him at [email protected] He loves that, and you seem cool.


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