Snapchat Discontinues ‘My Campus Story’ Feature at Penn State

Students returning to State College may have noticed that a recently popular feature has gone missing from one of their favorite smartphone applications.

Snapchat abruptly discontinued its popular My Campus Story feature, disappointing creative and fame-hungry Penn State students everywhere. This unwelcome removal is unfortunate, but luckily, it may only be temporary.

Recently, The University of Texas at Austin dealt with a similar issue. Upon discovering the removal of their Campus Story, students at UT were consoled only with a vague, disheartening email from the Snapchat staff stating, “We’re going to visit other schools, but hope to be back.”

Mary Ritti, Snapchat’s Vice President of Communications, told Onward State, “We have been visiting a lot of different schools.”

Penn State, UT, USC, and UCLA were the four original campuses that Snapchat chose to use to showcase this new feature. Since its original inception, the Campus Story feature has made appearances at Texas A&M, UNC, and the University of Colorado.

It is unclear if the feature has been removed from schools other than UT and Penn State, or what factors led to its removal. However, Ritti did state, “We didn’t have any campus stories during the holiday break, but we’ll be back soon.”

As of right now, no date has been provided for when the Campus Story feature will return to State College, but users should not fear its permanent removal. If Penn State’s case follows the same trajectory as UT’s, then Snapchat will return to State College “soon,” with perhaps even cooler and more unique features than before.

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