Music Monday: Bill Has Boy Band Fever

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Know what are awesome? Boy bands. Boy bands are awesome. There are two kinds of people in this world: those who say that they know every word to the NSYNC classic “Bye Bye Bye,” and people who are dirty, rotten liars.

Speaking of NSYNC, did you know that they formed 20 years ago? Seriously! Arguably the greatest boy band of all-time turns 20 in 2015. NSYNC’s significance on music is huge. Not only was it one of the two bands that were at the forefront of the boy band era — sup, Backstreet Boys — but it gave us a bevy of stars once the “boy band” era of society faded into oblivion. Justin Timberlake may be the best pure entertainer on earth. JC Chasez had a nice solo career after the group split up. Lance Bass is still in the public eye and recently got married. Joey Fatone is the announcer on the best TV show ever, Family Feud. Chris Kirkpatrick sang that song about shiny teeth on The Fairly OddParents.

And really, while NSYNC and BSB were the two big boy bands, there were a ton of groups that put out awesome music. Some of my personal favorites: LFO, O-Town, BBMak, and most importantly (and controversially, as some do not consider them a boy band), Boyz II Men. Just not The Jonas Brothers. Screw ‘em.

Let’s remember music’s golden generation (or golden, like, span of six to eight years) with some of the best ‘90s boy band tracks ever in this week’s Music Monday:

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