The Best Tweets From The Football Coaching Staff

In the modern day and age, the leaders surrounding Penn State’s football program are much more than coaches. They’re members of pop culture and Happy Valley lore, and even calling them celebrities isn’t too much of a stretch. At the very least, they’re local celebrities.

With the advent of social media in our daily lives and a head coach that doesn’t think Facebook and Twitter are called Spacebook and Tweeter, the football coaches are more visible than ever. Here are some of the best impressions the staff has made on Twitter.

The Cute

We start off with offensive recruiter and wide receiver coach Josh Gattis imitating James Franklins’ (in)famous birthday tweets.

Some more Gattis highlights come in the form of his adorable son. Just like his father, little Jace Gattis is imitating Coach Franklin too — but with his haircut, not his shorthand.

Looks like Franklin liked what he saw. Move over Saquon, the next big-name recruit is already on the way.

These two lovely young women have a fast track to making the team through their dad if they want it. I’d make a joke about them being able to strengthen the offensive line, but we’ll get to Herb Hand and his crew later.

The Funny

It isn’t necessarily the tweet that’s the funny part, it’s the context. Pitt thought that it could convince some top-tier recruits to steer away from Penn State, but got shut down. A lot.

No comment necessary. This is awesome.

This Looks Like A Jaden Smith Tweet.



Here’s what we’ve all been waiting for, the Holy Grail of Twitter: offensive line coach Herb Hand‘s account.

Coach Hand’s .gif usage is nothing short of elite. The last three came from his Twitter dispute with Pitt O-line coach John Petersonwhich Hand won by 107,000.

Hand is a known rap fan, which is evident by the undisputed best video on the internet: his a cappella performance of Eminem’s “8 Mile” at a junior development camp over the summer.

Just like your Twitter game, Coach.

This is another thing that Coach Hand tweeted!

And lest you forget, somehow, who Herb Hand is:


There you have it! With some of these #awesome tweets it’s a miracle the football coaching staff hasn’t broken the internet.

Photo: Bobby Chen/Onward State

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