Two Years Later, Penn State Bookstore Returns to the HUB

By Steffen Blanco

It’s been two long years since the Penn State Bookstore moved from the HUB-Robeson Center to the trailers outside. Our beloved HUB lawn will no longer have those long, ugly trailers that housed all of our Penn State apparel and those overpriced textbooks that we never read. As of 8:00 a.m. this morning, all of that will be available in the newly renovated Penn State Bookstore.


Unlike its trailer counterpart, the newly renovated bookstore actually looks and feels like what it was meant to be. Sporting a high ceiling, windowed walls, and even a second floor, the new bookstore has a noticeably different atmosphere compared to how the old bookstore was.


No longer will students feel boxed in and trapped as we shell out money for the expensive books and class materials we seldom used.


The new renovations also made room for Starbucks on the second floor and even a Clinique makeup stand on the ground level.


So you can enjoy your coffee as you pay for your books while also buying makeup from Clinique to fix your face up as you empty your poor, poor bank account. But hey, at least the renovations are done.

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