Questions Asked During THON: Night One

THON Committees are a great way to help both students and family spectators find their way around during the weekend. Whether the deliriousness is starting to roll in or some people truly do not know to get from Gate A to B, some committee members from Rules and Regulations weighed in on questions they have been asked throughout the night.

  • “Do I have to stay for all 46 hours?”
  • “Can I come back in the middle of the night or do I have to wait until the morning?”
  • “Why is all the food here so expensive?”
  • “How do I get to my son? His fraternity is wearing green.”
  • “Can I get from Gate A to B without having to go back outside?”
  • “Are all 708 dancers on the floor right now?”
  • “My daughter is on Rules and Regulations too! Do you know her?”
  • “What time is the next line dance?”
  • “Can you help me find my daughter?”
  • “Do you get free food if you stay the whole time?”
  • “Can I go down there to take a picture?” *Asking about an entrance clearly marked do not enter*
  • “Is there any breakfast food being served right now?” (12:30 a.m. when asked)
  • “Do you have to stand if you’re in the stands?”
  • “Is there free wifi in here?”
  • “Is there a place I can get Creamery ice cream in here?”

After hearing some of these questions, I deeply admire the Rules and Regulations Committee and am quite happy I am not the one having to answer these groundbreaking inquiries.

Photo: Michael Salem

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