VIDEO: The First 10 Hours Of THON

We’re now more than 10 hours into #THON15, and the energy in the building is as palpable as it was during hour one. In the first 10 hours, we welcomed the dancers into the BJC, learned the line dance (“Whoop, there it is!”), watched THON display its talents, and listened to a great performance from Whiskey Business.

Check out our video recap to see all of the highlights of the first 10 hours.

Video: Jack Lukow 

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Former Visual Editor, best known for recording Sue Paterno dancing to “Shake it Off”. From Greencastle PA, a town with four traffic lights and a graduating class of 110, Jack’s main life goal is to make sure he never has to return to Greencastle again. A senior in Journalism, you can follow him on twitter (@jackslens), but I wouldn’t. If you think your event deserves video coverage, know someone or something that does, or maybe just want to chat, email him at [email protected] He loves that, and you seem cool.


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