We Want To Find The Messiest Living Spaces In State College

If you’re anything like me, you find cleanliness a highly unnecessary comfort. There’s a saying that one can pick two of three — sleep, a social life, and good grades — to have an enjoyable college lifestyle, but slobs such as myself would throw clean homes in that mantra as well.

I know there are many of you like me out there, if just for the simple fact that I often get responses of even dirtier apartments than my own when I send Snapchats of it. While some are certainly repulsed by such squalor, there is a point where it becomes downright impressive.

And so, in our latest crowdsourcing endeavor, we want to see the best of the filthy, ransacked sleaze that some of you call home. With State Patty’s Day having just finished, we figured now is the perfect time for your homes to shine. We’re primarily interested in dorms and apartments here since fraternities have a natural advantage following parties, but any particularly inspiring fraternity submissions might just make the cut.

If you think your level of disgustingness has what it takes, send the following to [email protected]:

  • Name (you can include all of your roommates’ names if you’d so desire)
  • Where you live (the name of the hall or building will suffice)
  • As many photos as you’d like of the filth
  • A short blurb detailing how the filth came to be

I’m excited to see what we can do, fellow slovens.

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