Day: April 2, 2015

Judge In Corman Lawsuit Criticizes NCAA, Elaborates On Landmark Case

"Unfortunately, the NCAA sanctions hurt a lot of individuals and punished them when they were in no way a participant in any of the crimes that Sandusky committed," Covey says. "We have to remember at the forefront that this case was about the victims."

IFC And National Fraternity Announce Joint-Closure Of Pi Kappa Phi

"In the eyes of the Interfraternity Council, and the chapters we represent, the Alpha Mu Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity has forfeited their privilege to count themselves among us."

Barron, Sims Slow Task Force Formation To Ensure ‘Comprehensive’ Representation

After announcing the creation of a task force that will evaluate Greek life at Penn State, President Eric Barron and the university have received numerous offers and nominations from individuals and groups alike to take part in the initiative, according to Penn State News. Barron, along with Vice President of Student Affairs Damon Sims, have heard from dozens of individuals and organizations seeking representation in the review process.

Professor Mark Ballora Translates Numbers To Music

Mark Ballora is a lot of things. He's a music technology professor at Penn State, where he teaches courses in music production, history of electroacoustic music, musical acoustics, and software programming for musicians. He's a UCLA, NYU, and McGill graduate. He's the author of Essentials of Music Technology. He's also the guy who turns natural occurrences like hurricanes, tidal waves, and squirrel life cycles into beautiful music.

Penn State Women’s Rugby Takes The World By Storm

Nine-time national champion Penn State women's rugby is taking its success across the globe, traveling internationally each Spring Break. This year, the club won two games in Barcelona.

Geocaching In State College: A Primer

Do you think scavenger hunts are totally rad? Do you get a little too excited when you finally crack a hard riddle? Do you secretly wish you could live every day like Nicolas Cage in National Treasure? Well have I got the hobby for you. It’s called geocaching.

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