Author: Caitlin Gailey

Senior from just outside the city of Brotherly Love. Yes, I am one of those Philly sports fans. I bleed blue and white and have since birth. Maybe someday you will see me on ESPN and then again maybe not. If you ever want to inflate my ego email me at [email protected]

[Photo Story] Final Four Hours Of THON 2018

The final four hours are jam-packed with entertainment as the final countdown begins until dancers sit and the THON 2018 total is revealed.

Cancer Survivor Returns To BJC Floor As Dancer

Having been to THON as a child, Splawn is stepping onto the floor with a new perspective — as one of three dancers for the Penn State York campus.

How Long Will You Last At THON?

It goes without saying that there are only few people who have enough patience, talent and commitment to stand for the entire 46 hours of THON. That’s why they have been elected into the elite class of 2018 dancers.

Why Orgs Can’t Reserve THON Weekend Sections

THON, which prides itself on organization, has chosen to micro-manage every other aspect of the weekend instead of focusing attention on something that could improve the experience for everyone.

Panhellenic Council Assesses First Formal Spring Recruitment Cycle

Equipped with more experience and insight, Panhellenic is looking forward to recreating the formal recruitment process next spring semester.

Everything You Need To Know About Sending THON 2018 Dancer Mail

Get your dancer mail in before the deadline next week.

The Official Onward State Senior Bucket List: 2018 Edition

Make the most of this last semester by printing out and completing the bucket list as we document our crawl to graduation and all the nonsense that will happen before then.