Tim Meadows Brings Energy And Entertainment To Alumni Hall

“Hey Penn State! What a diverse crowd we have here today. I see all kinds of white people in this audience!” Tim Meadows joked to an excited audience. This cheeky jab was just one of many hilarious comments the actor had for folks at his performance Friday night. Best known for his hilarious roles in “Mean Girls,” “Grown Ups,” and of course — “Saturday Night Live,” it’s no surprise he brought amazing energy and contagious laughter to Alumni Hall as part of SPA’s Comedy Month.

Before the LateNight performance began, SPA  announced an upcoming show from the band “Bleachers,” a popular indie pop band known for their single “I Wanna Get Better.” Then, SPA introduced Meadow’s opening act — Chris Collier from Second Floor Stand Up.

Collier won SPA’s Joke Off on March 28 and was the perfect opening act for Meadows. A stand-up comedian himself, Collier seemed comfortable and poised in front of the audience, and could have fooled any one into thinking he was a professional. Chris warmed up the audience and quickly got to making jokes and cracks regarding social situations, Penn State itself, and the general culture of a college student. Naturally, he appealed to his student audience, and left the audience ready for more.

Soon enough, Meadows took the stage. Thanks to his quick and sassy sense of humor and endless witty banter, it didn’t take long for the audience to loosen up even more and erupt in steady laughter. Meadows’ comedic stories and sarcasm left students cracking up. The comedian made a point to interact with the audience, he incorporated a few students and volunteers into his routine and cleverly crafted them into his performance.

Meadows talked about everything from personal stories to adventures of his own. He kept the audience engaged while sharing his experiences with marriage, divorce, prejudice, kids, and growing up in Detroit.

“So during my childhood I grew up in a bad area of Detroit, it was called Detroit,” he joked. “Now if any of you guys ever visit a nice part of Detroit, let me tell you: you’re probably in Chicago.”

Meadows left the audience smiling from ear to ear in another night of entertainment courtesy of SPA. Visit SPA’s website for more information about upcoming events.

Photo: Steffen Blanco

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