CAS 398: Penn State’s Newest Debate Course

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By Jeff Kurr

The spirit of debate is once again making its return to Happy Valley. This past month alone, the Penn State Economics Association hosted a debate on the legalization of marijuana, Pitt and Penn State debated on whether college athletes should be paid, and Ron Paul and Barney Frank squared off on the role of government in civil society.

These were all exciting debates, but how can one sharpen his or her debate skills on campus? The answer is CAS 398 – Debate & Civic Life, which will be offered for the first time in the fall semester.

Jeff Kurr, a coach for the Penn State Speech & Debate Society, will teach the class and promises that taking the course will make you better at debate. Topics will range greatly from the economy, environmental protection, foreign policy, science, religion, liberals vs. conservatives, and plenty more.

Whether you argue with friends, family members, or fellow students, this course will help you make a stronger argument and a better debater. Of course, this class is open to anyone who wishes to become better at debate, but it’s also for students who need help writing better papers, delivering stronger presentations, and of course, convincing their friends whether the Steelers or the Eagles are a better team.

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