University Completes KDR Student Conduct Investigation

When the news broke that police were investigating a private Facebook page belonging to Kappa Delta Rho, there was an immediate frenzy around campus and in the national media. The situation at KDR added to the ongoing national conversation about heinous wrongdoings at fraternities around the country. Students and community members rallied, and there was a petition to kick the chapter off campus.

To the dismay of many, there wasn’t enough evidence at the time for police, the Office of Student Conduct, or the Interfraternity Council to immediately punish the chapter or the brothers.

There were no updates in the criminal or conduct investigation until yesterday. The Daily Collegian reported on Thursday that the university provided the IFC with its student conduct report.

Throughout the process, the university worked closely with State College Police, university spokeswoman Lisa Powers said. However, she added there is a separation between the IFC, university disciplinary processes, and the criminal investigation.

“They are not one and the same — but distinct from one another in approach and timing and other aspects,” Powers said.

With the university’s student conduct investigation report, the IFC will conduct its disciplinary review of the chapter.

“We hope that process is completed before the end of the school year,” Powers said. “When it is completed, the university will share what information it can, including notification about any further disciplinary action against the KDR chapter.”
The Office of Student Conduct will proceed with any disciplinary action involving individual students it deems appropriate, Powers said. “That process and its conclusions are generally confidential, in a manner consistent with federal law (FERPA) — so we are limited in what can or will be said,” Powers said.
She added the university is committed to its principle of being expeditious, while also ensuring thoroughness and fundamental fairness. For more information, read our comprehensive update of what we know 

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