Penn State And The National Fraternity Responded To Allegations Against KDR

Following the full-chapter suspension by the IFC of the Zeta chapter of Kappa Delta Rho, both the university and national fraternity released statements. The suspension was in response to the discovery of private Facebook pages by police, which included images of unsuspecting women, strippers, drugs, and hazing.

National Executive Director Joseph Rosenberg announced the chapter is suspended for a year for “the most serious misconduct, most serious disregard of Fraternity rules, policies and property by the chapter.”  An excerpt from Rosenberg’s statement is below.

While under suspension the chapter will be reorganized. The reorganization plan will be created and facilitated in collaboration with the Zeta Alumni Association, Pennsylvania State University and the National Fraternity. After the year of suspension and reorganization is completed the chapter’s status will be evaluated. The reorganization plan will be delivered to the chapter no later than Monday, March 30. Until then, the chapter may not participate or conduct any activities other than weekly meetings which must take place within a university facility; administrative meetings of the governing Greek Community bodies such as IFC or all Greek Council; and administrative meetings with Pennsylvania State University.

Below is an excerpt from the statement released by Damon Sims, Vice President for Student Affairs. The full statement can be read on Penn State News.

The evidence offered by the Facebook postings is appalling, offensive and inconsistent with the University community’s values and expectations.

We are confident that the various investigative and review processes, both internal and external to the University, will determine responsibility in this case. The University will hold accountable any groups and individuals found responsible. Discipline and accountability for Penn State’s fraternities can occur on several levels since these are private organizations. Such investigations are conducted in partnership with fraternity nationals, chapter alumni boards, and the Penn State Interfraternity Council, as well as local law enforcement.

We will continue to update the story as it develops.

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