The Absolute Best Places To Study For Exams

Forget the library. Forget the HUB. Your quiet dorm room? Forget that too. The source of your problems when it comes to exams is preparing in the wrong atmosphere. You need a real peaceful, intellectually stimulating, and top-notch spot on campus to really get ready for finals. Though there are only a few more days left of finals week, it’s not too late to try out these amazing spots to really start learning your class material.

Let Your Knowledge Shine Near The Lion Shrine



Don’t be that guy who just visits the shrine to take a picture and then leave. How do you think that makes the lion feel? Stay a while and learn with the shrine to really let your knowledge grow. Even try teaching the shrine new material. He must be bored seeing the same sights everyday.

Ew, What’s That Smell? It Must Be Stupidity Leaving The Body. 


Sure, we said the library was overrated in terms of studying locations. However, if you find just the perfect spot in the midst of all the levels and floors, we admit: It’s genius. We just have a natural gift for finding the best spots to crack open a book; just look how comfortable we are! The students in the background have no idea what they’re missing. This study spot may seem like total trash, but trust us: You’ll reek of knowledge once you’re done.

Hakuna-Matata. It Means No Failing For The Rest of Your Graaades!


Forget reading under a tree. Penn State’s nature is filled with history, and the only proper way to truly absorb Mother Nature’s knowledge is by climbing up the tree. You don’t need to be an environmental science major to use this easy trick.

Finals Can Be A Grave Time, Indeed


Just like the way you absorbed knowledge from the PSU trees, take time to commemorate Penn State’s historical figures by studying alongside them. You are bound to be filled with knowledge, new ideas, and inspiration immediately after.

Constructing Our Minds To Be Finals Ready



As we all know, University Park is always under construction. What an admirable trait; we are always trying to improve something and make it better. Just like the construction around campus, we want to improve our memory and knowledge as much as possible. We found our inner peace near the construction workers. Their inspiration for better things soaked up into our brains, and before we knew it, we were learning.

“Do You Even Lift Bro?”

“Yeah, man, My GPA!”


We were surrounded by great, intelligent vibes in the gym. You may think the REC building is only here for a place to work out. But what’s the difference between working out our biceps and working out our brains? As you can imagine, the gym employees welcomed us with open arms, and not one person glared at us or stared in confusion. They knew what we were there to do and they respected us. In fact, we may have intimidated some of them with our knowledge.

So what are you waiting for? Get out of bed and start studying at these fabulous locations. But hurry; once the word gets out, our favorite study spots will be overflowing with people.

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