Altoona Softball Player Charged With Assault After Hitting Teammate With Pitch

Sometimes softball and baseball players hit batters with a pitch, and whether intentionally or unintentionally, all they are giving up is an automatic single for the batter. Penn State Altoona softball player Katelynn Burge got a little more than a runner on first base after hitting her teammate with a pitch during batting practice in April: she is facing a misdemeanor charge of simple assault and harassment, according to the Altoona Mirror.

The wild pitch allegedly was a retaliation of sorts from Burge. According to university police at Altoona, the batter was suspected of ratting out the team’s coach for violating the school’s alcohol policy. After showing up for practice in South Carolina, other girls told the victim “everyone knows” it was her who revealed the information about the coach.

Despite being warned to consider leaving practice from a friend on the team, the victim stepped into the batters’ box for batting practice. Burge, a nine-win pitcher for the 2015 season and rising junior, proceeded to throw a pitch that connected with the victim’s left shoulder. Though Burge told police the ball slipped out of her hand, the pitcher allegedly told the interim head coach she intended to hit her teammate with the pitch.

Not really helping her “accident” plea, Burge also added, “that was for [the coach that was reported]” after (literally) connecting with the batter. To the batter’s credit, she shook off the hit without injury and continued batting practice, without storming the mound or freaking out.

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