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Overheard At Arts Fest

steffen blanco

Ah, Arts Fest. It is perhaps the only time State College truly comes alive during summer. Droves of students come back to Dear Old State to admire some outrageously priced expertly crafted art and reconnect with friends after months of separation. Alumni come back to Arts Fest to relive the best days of their lives — some even opt to suffer through the dorm experience one more time. Other than the aforementioned art, the main attraction of Arts Fest is drinking like the weekend will never end. It seems like there’s a daylong every way you turn, and bars are packed the entire weekend. That means Arts Fest is home to some pretty stellar conversations, and we happened to compile quotes from some of the weekend’s best. Without further ado, here is Overheard at Arts Fest.

Guy in red shirt marveling at a blown glass sculpture stand: “It’s all so… real… and handmade.”

Girl in hammock to her friend, also sitting in the hammock: “Did you hear what I said? Close your legs! I want a picture.” *Friend closes legs.* 

*Guy wearing a Hawaiian shirt and guy wearing American bucket hat skip down Pollock, holding hands:* “HUBADA HUBADA HUBADA.”

Girl in lace crop top: “And I will lay my dignity down in fratland.”

Dude passing by a frat’s lawn post-daylong: “It looks like the douchiest apocalypse ever.”

Hopefully not a Penn State student, across the street from McLanahan’s: “Do you know where McCallahan’s or whatever is? I need to buy solo cups.”

Girl in pink tank top upon discovering the humongous line for Bagel Crust:  “Nope. No bagel is worth it.”
Her friend: “Lies.”
*Girl in tank top sighs, and the two get in the back of the line.* 

Tall blonde girl: “See that girl in the black dress?”
Her friend: “Yeah?”
Tall blonde girl: “I bit her butt once, and she liked it.”
Her friend: “You have to stop doing that, not everyone is going to like it!”

*Group of alumni wearing red tanks saying “Who the f**k is art” strolls down Burrowes.*

Girl in yoga pants: “Fuck it, I’m tired of being perfect.” *throws off shoes and jumps into the water buckets.* 

Guy in Penn State shirt: “They need to have a section of Arts Fest exclusively for broke people. Like I cannot pay $200 for a picture of a fucking boat.”

Girl eating chicken tenders from one of the stalls on Allen: “It tastes like death.”
Her friend, also eating chicken tenders: “Mmmm I love death.”

Guy passing Liberty: “Hope you enjoy your ambiance and cheese!”

Girl walking down College Ave: “Do you think we could go see some art today?”
Her friend: “Ugh I don’t want to be sophisticated, I just want to get drunk.”

*Girl in plaid dress picks up a mug at a pottery stand and whimpers at the price.*
Her friend: 
“Shhh, don’t let them see you weep.”

Doe-eyed high school guy in Converse: “I love the weather here. It’s so nice. I think I’m gonna go to school here.”

Good choice, dude. But you might not be praising the weather in January. Here’s hoping everyone had an amazing Arts Fest!

Photo: Steffen Blanco

About the Author

Anna Foley

Anna is a senior majoring in Communication Arts & Sciences and Spanish with a minor in Theatre. Yes, she went to Spain. Follow her half-funny thoughts @exfoleyator and send her chain emails at [email protected]


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Staff Picks: Grabbing A Drink With A Prominent Penn Stater

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