679 PSU.edu Email Addresses Discovered In Ashley Madison Database

If you were wondering how many Penn Staters are bored in their current relationship or looking for the opportunity to cheat on their significant other, the answer is apparently 679.

Ashley Madison, an online dating site for married persons and extramarital affairs with the slogan, “Life is short. Have an affiar,” has made news this week after hackers breached the system and exposed the information of the sites 36 million users. A number of politicians, government officials, and even Josh Duggar have had their accounts on the site discovered.

So have 679 unique users with a psu.edu email address, the second-most of any college or university that uses a .edu address.

After sifting through the hacked data, the apparently bored folks over at Inside Higher Ed discovered that of the several million users with accounts on the site, 74,468 unique .edu email addresses were used in creating accounts.

Penn State comes in second only to Michigan State University, which had 696 (nice) users sign up for Ashley Madison with their .edu address. Also worth noting is the University of Michigan at an unremarkable No. 9, proving both that Ann Arbor is a whore, and Michigan sucks at being both the best and worst at cheating and adultery. Here’s the top 10:

Ashley Madison Data

Though the Ashley Madison does not verify email addresses, you would really have to be cooking up a scheme to hide behind a psu.edu email address. Also, as Penn Staters know, psu.edu email address go to students, faculty, alumni, and staff, so those 679 could be from anyone in the school’s network. Besides, Happy Valley can be kind of a lonely place sometimes, especially during those long, cold, football-less winter months…

(h/t: Inside Higher Ed)

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