Hershey Children’s Hospital Receives Surprise Visit From Four Superheroes

Hershey Children’s Hospital received some super surprise visitors last week — Batman, Captain America, Spiderman, and Superman. The young onlookers could view the superheroes through the windows inside or from the front lawn. The special day, which marked the third annual appearance of the superheroes at the hospital, was a huge success.

As the superheroes climbed down the building and reached the ground, they were surrounded by a waiting crowd before talking with the children and families and taking photos. Some reacted with tears and others with laughter, but either way the day brought everyone great joy.

11- year-old Alexia Heilman loves the thought of a superhero who can shoot webs while Superman is the favorite of seven-year-old Ahzhanae Kirkland. Both girls had their fantasies turned into realities along with many other children who got to watch the superheroes descend from the top of the building.

Kane Wolf, an eight-year-old patient, was most excited to see Batman’s appearance. “He has a cool weapon and a cool car, the Batmobile,” he said, and if Kane could have a superpower it’d be “superstrength” so he could teach the “bad guys” a lesson.

“They’ve got to wake up each day and fight for their lives,” said Captain America, known by day as Michael DeJesus. “Today’s a day they forget about being in the hospital. It’s a small party just for them.”

When the four superheroes are not busy fighting crime and saving others, they work as window washers for Northeastern Building Maintenance of Harrisburg. Their annual visit is coordinated by Penn State Hershey’s Child Life Program and Facilities Department and always provides an exciting day for children who have their own tough battles to fight.

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