Day: September 25, 2015

The True Origin Of ‘We Are Penn State’

The real source of the phrase and cheer was told first in 1999, by noted Penn State historian, Lou Prato in the publication Town and Gown.

Nittany Notes: Once A Gift, Now Penn State’s Premier Study Aid

It started as a gift in 1987. Over 25 years later, Nittany Notes is still alive, and it’s now the town’s most prodigious note providing service, employing 200 students and offering notes and practice exams for some 325 courses.

Meet Penn State’s Trickster: The Mad Capper

Have you had the pleasure of meeting Penn State’s one and only, “Mad Capper?” No? Allow us to formally introduce you.

Lantern Tours To Shed Light On Penn State’s Past

Penn State’s Lion Ambassadors are getting ready to illuminate Old State with their Lantern Tours on Friday, September 25th.

Breazeale Nuclear Reactor Celebrates 60 Years

The Breazeale Nuclear Reactor is celebrating 60 years of research, education, outreach, and service at Penn State this year. The research done here has contributed a great deal to the nuclear energy world, and researchers wish to continue those advancements into the future.

Freshman Cornerback John Reid, The Present And Future Of Penn State’s Secondary

Don’t be surprised if you hear No. 29’s name called a lot this season.

Beaver Stadium: A Visual History Through The Years

From its grass roots beginnings, which featured the team playing on Old Main lawn, to the second largest football stadium in the nation, Beaver Stadium has undergone quite the transformation. Take a look at Beaver Stadium through the years.

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