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Penn State Love Stories 2015-16: Part 6

Happy October, Penn State! The month of October brings the promise of crisp leaves, hayrides, and the occasional Halloween scare. But who knows– Maybe the cool October winds will bring all kinds of love to Happy Valley! Especially on this first October Friday. Hey, it did for the newly engaged couple Maddy Cook and John Hudish at the game last Saturday! This Friday’s segment of love stories includes an almost 30 year relationship, Tussey Mountain, and being hit by a pole stick. Enjoy!

Amanda Meshanski and Cory Ingram

Graduation dates: Amanda 2014; Cory 2012

unnamed (18)

Photo: Amanda Meshanski and Cory Ingram

“We met at Tussey Mountain during a ski and snowboarding class in January of 2011. Cory’s roommate Eric was in the same level ski class as my friend Alex. While in class, Eric learned that since we were freshman we would have to wait for the bus and lug all of our equipment back to the dorms. Eric offered to take us home because it was along the way,” said Amanda.

“Time played a factor in bringing us together, as we didn’t start dating right after meeting at Tussey. In fact, it wasn’t for a couple of months. We actually started our amazing journey as just friends when we started having lunch every Tuesday in West Commons. It started the Tuesday right after THON 2011, when Cory danced with his roommate Eric in THON. I wanted to hear all about it. Over the next 2 months we had lunch every week with each of us liking each other (more than friends) at different times. We finally liked each other at the same time, and started dating the last couple of weeks in April of 2011 and officially started dating April 30th, 2011.” she said.

“Over the next 4 and a half years there were millions of great adventures, dates, and experiences shared between us, our families, and our friends. We grew our relationship into something quite remarkable, and our love blossomed. There are way too many details for this article, but in short, Cory graduated in 2012 and moved to New Jersey for work, coming back to Penn State often on weekends to visit. On the reverse, I went out to New Jersey on the weekends he didn’t come to Penn State. We dated for two years long distance and finally we were reunited in one state in 2014, after I accepted a job in NJ after graduation. We are happy and proud to say, that while being in the long distance relationship for all of that time (more than half of the time we were dating) we never went any longer than 3 weeks without seeing each other.” 

“Due to a career change and a change of jobs, I moved back to Pittsburgh and Cory was able to transfer offices within his company. On his first official day moving out to Pittsburgh (our four year anniversary on April 30th, 2015) Cory surprised me by taking me to Penn State for a scavenger hunt around campus to all of the spots that meant something special to us. At every location he gave me a gift that was connected to the location and we even had lunch in West commons again! (Special shout out to ‘Bootsy,’ the sister of Cory’s college roommate Eric, who helped orchestrate the details with Cory). It ended at “our spot” (the American flagpole on Old Main lawn). This has been our spot for quite some time and it is where Cory first told me he loved me. When we got to our spot he gave me a ‘fake gift’ and while I was opening it he pulled out a ring box, with me having absolutely no clue that this was going on. As we sat admiring Old Main, he then said, ‘I’m never letting you go.’ I responded and said, ‘Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere,’ which prompted his response of ‘I know you’re not.’ As he said that last line he got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and proposed.”

Current status: Amanda told us that “We are currently engaged and are getting married on April 30th, 2016 (our five year anniversary) at Toftrees.”

The two would like to add, “Special thanks to our parents (Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Debbie Meshanski and Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Jennifer Ingram) who have raised us so well and have helped make us the “right person” for each other due to our similar and amazing upbringings from their lessons and values. We love you guys!!”

“WE ARE…..PENN STATE (Forever and Always)”

Joe and Pam Hackett

Graduation dates: Joe 1990; Pam 1988

unnamed (1)

Photo: Jenna Hackett

 **This story was submitted as a surprise by their daughter Jenna Hackett**

“My siblings and I have heard the story a hundred times, especially me during my four years at Penn State (2010-2014),” Jenna said. 

“They met in East Halls. My mom’s roommate was in the architecture program with my dad. They started talking one night when their friends were going to a party. Their first conversation was sassy! When my mom and her friends were in my dad’s East Halls dorm room, she saw a Bethel Park sticker on his wall. When she mentioned she was from the same suburb of Pittsburgh, my dad immediately shut her down saying, ‘No, you’re not. I don’t know you.’ However, when my mom replied that she went to the Catholic school, Seton Lasalle, my Dad judged her! ‘Oh, you’re a Seton girl,’ complete with an eye roll and attitude. My mom didn’t talk to my dad the rest of the night because she was so annoyed with his response!”

It was not love at first sight. My mom was adamant that she was not interested in my dad. However, they kept running into each other in the East Halls dining hall. Little did she know, her roommate would tell him when they were going so he could eat with them, but not make it obvious. She should’ve known, since her roommate continuously asked her if she liked him! They continued to talk at these meals and went to parties with friends, and eventually started dating!”

Current Status: The two were married on October 27, 1990. This month will be their 25th anniversary.

Jenna would also like to add that “My mom and dad are Penn State fanatics! They’re the reason I went to Penn State. My siblings and I grew up Nittany Lions, but so far I’m the only one who went there. Their love inspires all four of us, even when they bicker over nothing!”

Gianna Agnello and Ryan Porambo

Graduation dates: Gianna December 2014; Ryan Spring 2014unnamed (15)

Photo: Gianna Agnello and Ryan Porambo

 We met in PSU Schuylkill’s old pool room. He hit me by accident with a pool stick when I was walking towards my friend on the other side of the room. He apologized and I went to class. He ended up being in my math class and added me on Facebook. I gave him my number. I was first semester freshman and he was a sophomore. I thought I was being sly giving him my number,” Gianna explained. 

After the meeting the two were friends for about a month before Ryan as Gianna to be his girlfriend. “We helped each other with school and studied. I even tried to compete with him to see who could get the better grades,” she explained.

Gianna’s best advice for those looking for their Penn State love is, “Listen to your mom when she says high school boyfriends don’t last sometimes. I never would have thought I would meet someone in college because I didn’t go away to school. But even commuters can meet someone!”

Current status: The two are still dating. So far they’ve been together for 4 years (September 20, 2011- present). Gianna is also a worker for the Schuylkill campus as an admissions counselor. “PSU really changed my life,” she said.

To submit your own story, fill out this form. And be sure to check out our previous Love Stories, parts one, two, three, four and five.

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