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The Best Pets Of State College

State College is crawling with friendly faces, but what about furry friends?

We were on the look-out for the best pets on campus, and sure enough the submissions came in faster than a golden retriever puppy wagging its tail. We asked to see your Penn State pets, and you delivered. Here are some of the cutest and most adorable critters State College has to offer!

Man’s Best Friend

There’s nothing more all-American than some Penn State pride and a man’s best friend. Here are the best dog submissions.

Name: Sasha

Owner: Rachel Garman

Age: 7 years old

Species: Dog (German Shepherd Mix)

Sasha loves walking around campus and chasing Penn State squirrels and bunnies.


Name: Bachi

Owner: Maria Caschera

Age: 6 year old

Breed: Puggle

Bachi broke his back last January and had to go through surgery. There was a 50% chance he would never walk again, and would potentially need wheels attached to his back legs for assistance. After 7 weeks of complete bedrest, Bachi is walking, running, and playing with dogs again just like his normal self.


Name: Baxter

Owner: Alyson Ruberto

Age: 10 years

Breed: Poodle

This was his first tailgate, and he was reppin his blue and white jersey!

Name: Riley

Owner: Andrea Prezwodek

Age: 10 years

Breed: Cocker spaniel poodle mix


Name: Ruby

Owner: Beth Richards

Age: 3 years

Breed: Staffordshire terrier mixed with French bulldog

Ruby’s owner says that apart from frolicking at the dog park, Ruby’s favorite thing is tailgating! She loves to say “hi “to every tent she can, and she melts the heart of everyone she meets. She’s a rescue dog, and her motto is ‘the only thing a dog needs more than love is to give it!’


Name: Kodie

Age: 2 years

Owner: Kiera Missanelli

Breed: Goldendoodle

Kodie enjoys frolicking, rolling in the grass, and running after bunnies.

golden doodle

Name: Sadie

Age: 2 years

Owner: Lyle Swanger

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback/Pitbull mix

Sadie loves to sit with her owner and watch the game. When PSU scores, she signals touchdown like a referee.

bull dog

Name: Myron Corgnelius

Age: 7 months

Owner: Stephanie McElheny

Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Be sure to follow Mr. Corgnelius on Instagram @Myron.corgnelius!

Name: Bella

Age: 6 years

Owner: Catie Montgomery

Breed: Bulldog

bull dog shrine

Name: Baxter

Age: 5 years

Owner: Jeannette Macaluso

Breed: Labradoodle

Baxter recently moved from California, where most restaurants were dog friendly so he is hoping businesses and restaurants in Happy Valley will open their patios and businesses to dogs. He enjoys Kildares, Primanti’s, the Rathskeller, Rottelli’s, The Creamery, Meyer Dairy, Home D (on Monday nights). You can also follow Baxter on Instagram @baxtiebear!

Name: Lil’ Mama

Age: 8 years

Owner: Anthony Roman

Breed: Chihuahua

According to Lil’ Mama’s owners, she acts like a human a lot! She loves to bark at random things, and she loves to distract her owner from studying for attention.

cross eyed dog

Name: Julia

Age: 2 years old
Owner: Daniel Coursen
Breed: Black Lab mix
Julia likes to roll around in grass, chew bones, run with other dogs, and party.

black lab old main

 Name: Bonez

Age: 7 months

Owner: Kelly Kirkner

Breed: Pitbull mix

blue eyes dog

Golden Retriever Overload 

We got so many golden retriever submissions that they deserved their own category!

Name:  Jetty (8 weeks). Charlie (2 years)

Breed: Golden retrievers

Owner: Taylor Stetson

Jetty is a service dog in training, hoping to be a mobility assistance dog to help a patient with PTSD or Autism. Until he is about a year old, he will be living with his puppy raiser. During that time, Jetty learns basic obedience, good manners in public, and tasks such as picking up items off the ground, turning on the lights, tugging open doors etc. Then he will head to a prison where inmates will help to further his training, and after that he will go to his final advanced training. If all goes well, he will then be a service dog and be placed with someone. But in the meanwhile he hopes to attend a few more Penn State tailgates, wrestle with his brother Charlie, maybe hang out with the Nittany Lion again, and get many belly rubs.


two dogs

Name: Nittany

Owners: Jarrett Radowitz (Class of 2010) & Stephanie Zulkoski (class of 2011)

Age: 1 year

Breed: Golden Retriever

Nittany’s owner met her fiancé at Penn State in 2010. They got Nittany in September 2014, and named him after their beloved Alma mater. When the two got engaged in March 2015, Nittany was present for the engagement. It was his first trip to Penn State!


Name: Ace

Age: 1.5 years

Owner: Cassaundra Soars

Breed: Golden Retreiver 

Ace loves people and cries out of excitement when ever he sees someone. He also tries and put as many random things in his mouth at one time. He once fit the remote, his tennis ball and a pair of socks in his mouth. He will purposefully lay right on top of the flowers or plants with his toys and then just smile at you. Or once you plant a flower he’ll go burry his toy or bone right next to it just to let you know he wants to help too. Ace loves to swim and long walks in the woods.


Name: Callie

Age: 1 year

Owner: Lauren Coleman

Breed: Golden retriever

Callie has been residing in State College since Lauren got her in July 2014. She is a huge Penn State fan, loves tailgating and spending time on campus.  On weekends, Callie enjoys visiting family and spending quality time with her grandpa at camp.



Name: Libby

Age:6 years

Owner: Gloria Mitchell

Breed: Golden Retriever

She hates wearing hats but she looks pretty good in them!


The Cat’s Meow 

Man’s best friend has nothing on these whiskered friends. Meet the best cats of Penn State.

Name: Stewie

Owner: Anna Murphy

Age: 1 year

Breed: Short hair

He had his 15 minutes of fame when he dressed up as the Pope and was known as the “snapchat pope cat.”

pope cat

Name: Kitters

Owner: Ali Bitner

Breed: Black short hair

Age: 1 year

She enjoys cheese, sneaking a drink from the toilet, and sitting by the air vent while her neighbors smoke weed.



Name: Ace

Owner: Amanda

Age: 1 year

Breed: Tabby

Name: Don Rico

Age: 15 weeks

Owner: Sean Sweeney

Breed: Tabby

don rico

The Odd Balls

Penn State isn’t just filled with dogs and cats. Here are some of the most unique pets on campus.

Name: Pip

Age: 3 year old

Species: Rat

Owner: Kelly Kirkner


Name: S’mores

Age: 2 years

Owner: Persephanie Wywadis

Species: Pedigree Holland Lop

He spends his time eating carrots and taking naps. He loves to push around his Penn State football and play in the yard.


Name: Remi

Age:1 month

Owners: Britney Malone, Brooke Sinko, Hunter Herman, and John Skursky

Species: Pig

Remi is house trained and has his own litter box. Remi loves to eat anything, like ramen. He loves long walks to Old Main. He is also a bouncer at Cafe. He takes his job very seriously.



From golden retriever puppies in Penn State jerseys to cuddly pink pigs– Penn State has seen it all.

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