[Video] Khoa’s Quest For Self-Betterment

Street performers have guts. By performing at the eye-level of their audience, they submit their skills for judgement at the most intimate level possible. It takes a lot of courage, especially when you’re surrounded by your peers, colleagues, and classmates. 

But the street performer Khoa doesn’t see street performing like that. The freestyle soccer player you’ve probably seen bouncing around campus sees the art form as an opportunity. He uses freestyle soccer in the pursuit of self-betterment, and hopes he will inspire others to  “cultivate” themselves as well. Check out his story here: 

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Nick Weiss

Nick is a videographer at OnwardState. He is a sophomore in the College of Communications, studying as a Film & Video major. With most of his experience in documentary film, Nick continues to tell stories at Penn State. Email him [email protected]


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