Hamster (And $1,610 In Electronics) Stolen From State College Residence

The quirky criminals of State College have struck again, this time burglarizing a local State College residence of $1,610 worth of electronics and smuggling out one of the member’s (probably adorable) pet hamster, as reported by the Daily Collegian.

It’s pretty obvious why the electronics were seized by the burglar, but the reason behind the hostage situation of the tiny rodent is still unknown to State College Police.

The scene of this terrible crime exists on the 100 block North Barnard Street, where it seems no happy rodent is safe from the clutches of a devious outlaw. Police are still unsure whether the hamster’s cage was also taken, and reported that the residence was unsecured at the time of the burglary.

Unfortunately, police are also currently working without a physical description or name of the fuzzy companion. The Onward State staff is one of animal lovers, and we all hope that the investigation is speedy so that this courageous hamster is brought home to its lovingly family in a timely manner.

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