UPUA Approves Funding For Umbrella Rental Boxes On Campus

The University Park Undergraduate Association’s tenth assembly kicked off its last meeting of October on Wednesday night in the HUB.

After the adoption of the agenda the meeting minutes, President Emily McDonald and Vice President Terry Ford gave their weekly reports. Both reminded the assembly about the U R Not Alone initiative that is a part of Mental Health and Wellness Awareness Week.

After a five minute caucus breakout the assembly moved on to new business. First up, Christian Tabron was approved as the newest justice on the Judicial Board with a vote of 31-3-1.

The only bill on the evening’s agenda was 07-10 “brellaBox Umbrella Rental System.” The bill will support the funding of four brellaBoxes, pictured below, for a 12-month trial period. The brellaBoxes are an eco-friendly way for students to rent umbrellas from various vending machines all over campus.


Each box will cost $125 a month for a total of $6,000 over the 12-month trial period. UPUA will fund 200 umbrellas for the brellaBoxes at a rate of $17 totaling $3,400. Once all the fees are added up Bill 07-10 will cost a total of $11,250.

“This here is awesome stuff guys,” Smeal representative Madeline Fortin said.

At-large representative Adam Terragnoli presented the bill to the assembly and tactfully fielded questions regarding some logistics with the boxes. The bill ultimately passed unanimously.

The next and final item of item of new business was a resolution to send a Blue & White Brigade to the women’s volleyball game against Rutgers. UPUA is partnering with Penn State Athletics to send two busses to the game on November 6. At-large rep Darian Gist moved for the resolution to be passed by unanimous consent, which was approved by the assembly.

Committee reports were uneventful for the most part. Speaker Emily Miller commended her colleagues who sit on Faculty Senate for their work at the meeting that ultimately approved the removal of the 16-credit late drop limit.

It only took half the semester to get warmed up, but this week was by far the tenth assembly’s most productive. Hopefully the tenth assembly doesn’t plateau now and instead keeps the ball rolling with new initiatives like the Creamery ice cream truck.

The meeting adjourned in an unusually timely fashion at 9:01 p.m. The assembly will be back for more next Wednesday.

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