Former Penn State Vice President To Serve As Mizzou’s Interim Chancellor

In the midst of chaos, Penn State’s former Vice President of Research Hank Foley was appointed the University of Missouri’s interim chancellor.

Foley, who worked at Penn State in various roles for 13 years, left in 2013 for Missouri. Since then, he’s served as the university’s senior vice chancellor for research and graduate studies.

Missouri’s former chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin, announced he was stepping down on Monday. The university’s president, Tim Wolfe, caved in to calls for his resignation just hours before after students, faculty, and state lawmakers demanded he step down after failing to handle racial tensions on campus.

“I hope that every member of our campus community will embrace each person’s right to express their opinions in a respectful manner and to make progress toward our common goal of an inclusive campus that values the contributions of all individuals,” Loftin said in a statement.

Foley’s term as interim chancellor will begin January 1.

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