DOTD: Iowa’s Band Chants ‘We Are Penn State’ During ‘Zombie Nation’

Well, this is weird.

Rob Michel, a producer for the Big Ten Network, tweeted out a video from inside the Iowa marching band. When “Zombie Nation” came on, members of the band chanted along, “We are Penn State!”

“Zombie Nation” is a staple at Penn State home sporting events, and it has evidently spread around the country as a song in Penn State’s domain. Apparently, this isn’t the first time that Iowa’s band chanted that it is Penn State.

“I thought it was odd,” Michel tweeted soon after. “But I don’t think they’re being sarcastic. They said they just did it once and have been doing it since.”

Whether it’s a tribute or a joke, it’s neat to see a school in a different time zone acknowledge “Zombie Nation” as a Penn State tradition. Maybe the Blue Band should chant “On Iowa!” at this Saturday’s White Out against Michigan.

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