UPUA To Host Fall Action Week

UPUA is hosting Fall Action Week with events on campus from Monday through Wednesday in order to continue the conversation about sexual violence. 

The events kick off on Monday with a discussion centered on student’s thoughts about sexual assault and what can be done here to fix the problem. Food will be provided to participants.

There will also be a screening of the documentary The Line, which focuses on consent. A Q&A with the director, Nancy Schwartzman, will follow the movie.

The tenth assembly passed the Fall Action Week bill at its last general assembly meeting on Wednesday. The bill appeared to be haphazardly put together in a rush so that it could be approved in time for this week, which led to a lack of clarity in the legislation. Nonetheless, the intent was obviously there and with the kinks removed from the initial bill, Fall Action Week will kickoff on Monday. 

Students will be able to sign the “It’s On Us” pledge at a table in the HUB and there will be giveaways such as “Only Do It With Consent” t-shirts throughout the week. 

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