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The Best Man Buns And Beards Of State College

Thanks to the rise of the man-bun’s popularity in pop culture, it’s no secret millennials are proudly flaunting their new manly ‘dos’ everywhere. Penn State is no exception.

“No Shave November” was a success for many. That’s why we went on the prowl for the best man buns and facial hair on campus. We asked you to submit the best pictures of your hairy handsomeness, and you delivered. Behold: the absolute best man buns and beards of State College.


Name: Jonathon DeHoff
Year: Senior, History major
Bio: “I started growing my beard April first. I always tried to grow a beard before but I would constantly give up. This time was different and I managed to get through each difficult stage. As of December 1st, my beard is officially 8 months old and measures 5 inches long. I plan on going a whole year or longer.”

Name: Brett Gravatt
Age: 20 years old
Bio: “I’m not your ordinary man. I don’t do the traditional trend of short back and sides. Instead I went for the trend of long hair. I don’t wish to sport traditional hairstyles, so I go with the man bun. My man bun is special because it gets me girls.”

Name: Sean DeLouise
Age: 26 years old
Bio: “He’s been growing his beard for a little over a year and it’s pretty sweet. What’s extra cool is that his beard is viking red, unlike his brown hair. Sean takes lumbersexual to a new level. Try and find a better beard than his, I dare you.” -Brittney Lee
Name:Jacob Mascaro
Age: 21 year old junior studying biochemical engineering
Bio: “I made this stop motion for my Instagram account @JAKEFROMSTATECOLLEGE today. I basically just shaved and took pictures along the way and then played them all in reverse. Besides the video, my beard is special because in my friend group if anyone shaved their beard during November they had to trade away their best player in our high stakes fantasy football league.”


Name: Anthony Benjamin
Year: 5th year senior at Penn State studying Computer Engineering.
Bio: “My hairy history starts back in my freshman year. I started growing my facial hair for the first time for November. I ended up liking it so much that I kept the bearded style till today and I’ve only been bare faced one time since then. I started growing out my hair about a year and a half ago. I had always wanted to grow my hair out but my high school didn’t allow it. So my last year at Penn State seemed like the right time to try it out. Now I enjoy looking like a grizzly lumberjack all winter.”

Name: Alex Wolanin
Year: Junior
Bio: “After being expelled from BYU — they say man buns are too extreme for the Mormon faith — I took my luscious blonde talents to State College. While reading the Bible one day, I came across an image of Jesus, and realized that this immaculate head of hair could be mine. It is now, and I grace the Penn State community with these lovely locks.”

blonde beard
Name: Thomas Damiani
Year: Senior, 22
Beard Bio: “This beard is the product of 5 months of growth with absolutely no trimming, styling, or treating. My goal was to just go as long as I could without shaving. Although it was nice and warm for the winter, it eventually became annoying, so I had to shave it off.”
thomas 1
Mustache Bio: “I grew my beard out for 5 months and decided to shave it into a mustache. I styled it with mustache wax and the results were glorious. I kept it for a few days. It was hard not laugh as literally everyone I passed just stared at me with their jaws dropped. Most people I talked to thought it was fake at first. This was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”
thomas 2
Name: Dave Hoge
Year: Senior
Bio: “I’ve always experimented with various styles of facial hair ever since I could actually grow it. I eventually decided I wanted that epic civil war era beard, with the thick stache and all. It’s quite a challenge letting it grow to such a length; just like hair, you have bad beard days where you look like shit. The motto, “when in doubt, grow it out” really helped me with this, especially letting the mustache grow over and cover my mouth. Yes, it makes eating difficult, but it’s the life I’ve chosen, and I’m never going back.”
There you have it, Penn State. The absolute best looks from this year’s No Shave November. With hard work and dedication, perhaps you could look like one of these handsome folks one day.

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