Good Seed Baking Co. To Close On New Year’s Eve

It’s a sad day for Penn State’s gluten-free community. Good Seed Baking Company, downtown’s only gluten-free bakery, is closing its doors on Thursday, according to the bakery’s Facebook page.

Good Seed first came to State College in June 2014, hoping to provide more gluten-free options downtown. The menu featured everything from gluten-free muffins and pasta to a myriad of macaroons. And regardless of the baked goods’ lack of wheat flour, Good Seed’s creations were quite delicious.

Though Good Seed is closing, another local business is opening its doors at the same location. According to Good Seed’s Facebook page, Fasta & Ravioli Co. will take over the storefront at 129 S. Fraser Street. Fasta actually owned the space before Good Seed, but unforeseen circumstances are calling the pasta company back to its roots.

According to the company’s Facebook page, Fasta & Ravioli Company “suffered a devastating fire in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve.” The fire caused significant damage to Fasta’s Pleasant Gap kitchen space. So while the West College location is being rebuilt, Fasta will sell its homemade pastas and raviolis downtown.

Good Seed’s gluten-free treats aren’t gone for good, however. Fasta & Ravioli Co. will sell its former sister-bakery’s macaroons in-store and online.

If you happen to be in State College before Thursday, Good Seed is holding a sale of its baked goods and mixes. From Monday to Wednesday, the bakery’s gluten-free delicacies will be 25 percent off.

For more information about Good Seed’s closing and Fasta’s opening, click here.

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