Overheard On Twitter: Former And Current Football Players Aren’t Getting Along Over Shoop’s Departure

Bob Shoop left Penn State to become Tennessee’s defensive coordinator Saturday night, and among the instant reactions was what seemed like a shot at the university from a former player.

Donovan Smith was drafted No. 34 overall last year to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That tweet immediately got traction from the scary world of Penn State Twitter, and led to him being called out by current starting linebacker Jason Cabinda:

Smith did eventually respond to some of the Twitter users calling him out, saying “Nobody is trashing their school” and “people wanna take stuff and run with it,” but the magnitude of how much Smith was misinterpreted only amplified Cabinda’s message, which escalated things even further.


That’s former Penn State safety and current Chicago Bear (and Smith’s fellow member of Mel Kiper’s All-Rookie Team) Adrian Amos.

Smith also retweeted an old J. Cole tweet saying “Don’t let anyone kill your vibe” in the midst of the madness.

What a fun night this turned out to be.

UPDATE 1-10:

Smith later apologized for the Tweet and reaffirmed his love for Penn State.

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