Penn State Approves Acre Plot For Student-Run Farm

It only took one semester for the Student Farm Club to achieve one of its major goals: establishing a student-run farm on campus.

The plan for the farm on a one-acre plot of land near Beaver Stadium was official approved Thursday night by university administrators, according to a press release. “The decision by the administration comes as the result of a years-long campaign that was spearheaded by Penn State’s Student Farm Club,” member Nate Larkin said.

According to Larkin, if all goes according to plan the first harvest will happen this summer.

“Crops harvested will then be sold to students, faculty, staff and community members, as well as to dining halls for use in on-campus dining,” Larkin said.

The farm will be run by volunteers from the Student Farm Club, other student organizations, hired interns, and students in various courses related to the farm. All of which will be overseen by a full-time staff.

“The farm will allow students from a diverse range of majors to get real-world experience,” President Keirstan Kure said. “From agriculture students studying sustainable food systems, to business students who could help with marketing or finance, the farm’s operation will be incredibly interdisciplinary.”

Land for the farm was approved for a three-year term, at the conclusion of which the operation will be expanded to a new and yet to-be-determined location.

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