[Photo Tour] Check Out The Berkey Creamery Renovations

Much to the dismay of Penn State students and visitors, Berkey Creamery has been closed since December for renovations, limiting the ice cream supply to your nearest campus dining hall, the Bryce Jordan Center, or domestic deliveries. At long last, however, after seemingly perpetual two months of creamy deprivation, the Creamery will kick off THON weekend by reopening its doors.

This week, the Creamery invited Onward State to tour its newly renovated facility, aimed to better serve the Penn State community. It’s no wonder the dairy supplier is nationally recognized not only for its ice cream, but also for its commitment to serving the community for more than 150 years.

I first entered the Creamery from the main office adjacent to the front entrance, and was bedazzled by the bright, shiny, freshly waxed floors. New additions (or removals in this case) included the removal of the island that served a variety of hot drinks and snacks. This was presumably done to ease the traffic flow of customers and to make things more streamline.CreameryCacela-7

Further renovations include the increased refrigeration space. The drink fountain was relocated to the center of the creamery in order to procure more space for larger capacity freezers, thus allowing the Creamery to display more flavors.


As I made my way towards the front counter, I took note of the updated ambient lighting that provides a modern ambiance for enjoying your ice cream.


The Creamery staff was kind enough to allow me behind the counter to see where the sweet works of art are created. From this point of view, one can see the larger shelves containing various snacks as well as the relocated drink fountain.


I couldn’t help myself, so I took a peek in the freezers to glance at the sweet arctic treats that have eluded us for months.


The Creamery relocated all snacks to one general area, creating a junk food haven to satisfy all cravings.


The dining area furniture hasn’t changed much, but it still flows well with the new flooring.


Before I left, I thanked the creamery staff and management, and took advantage of being one of the first to purchase a half gallon of sweet, sweet creamery ice cream in the newly renovated Berkey Creamery.CreameryCacela-11

Stop by the Creamery as early as tomorrow to pick up a cone, bowl, or shake of your favorite flavor.

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