OPP Finishes The First Floor Mopping Session

46 hours is a long time for people to inhabit one spot. OPP ensures the space is clean for its dancers by having mopping sessions periodically through the event.

Dancers are moved to different ends of the floor throughout the session to allow the OPP to get the BJC floor cleaned. No one, with the exception of the dancers and key THON event members, is allowed on the floor during the cleaning.

floor cleaning thon
THON dancers are moved to the other half of the floor while OPP cleans.

OPP will stay on the floor to clean the entirety of the surface for approximately an hour. Especially with so many kids on the floor with weakened immune systems, keeping the floor free of the dirt and germs that are dragged in is key.

Some normal THON activities still continue during the cleaning, such as the Line Dance.

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