THON Spectators Show Off Their Favorite Line Dance Moves

THON spectators get just as into the line dance as the 708 on the floor do, and after more than a full day of repetitions, THON enthusiasts in the BJC are sure to have favorite moves, and trends are forming among the crowd.

We asked some spectators in to show us their favorite moves of the THON 2016 line dance:

Hover boards, watch your toes / Quick one question, WHAT ARE THOSE?

Is it too late to say sorry now?

Hit the Quan!

The dance break, and the signature Nittany Lion signature ear tousle

Nittany Lion signature, and a DAB

more DAB

And another DABPenn , with a cherry on top!

There you have it. Still confused on lyrics? Here they are analyzed and ranked. Did we miss your favorite move? If you come by press row and show us, we’ll put you on our snap story (onwardstate, add us!)

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