The Best Leggings At THON 2016

As Penn State students continue to rock the Bryce Jordan Center, the many different hats and accessories of THON-goers are catching many peoples’ eyes. From colorful schemes of metallic to various animals and foods, it’s easy to find the most exotic articles of clothing here at THON 2016. However, one of the most underrated pieces of clothing is going a little under the radar, even though it is quite possibly one of the most unique articles of clothing: leggings. As we maneuvered around the crowd of students flooding the BJC concourse, we stopped some of the most vivacious and colorful leggings that Penn State students had to offer. Check them out:

ENT captain Brittany Hicks is showing off some seriously cool zebra, splatter-painted leggings as she continues to coordinate different events happening on stage.


A common theme of the night was galaxy themed leggings. Maayan Shoham was sure to show this awesome pair that basically makes you feel like you are in the Milky Way.


What better way to ring in an awesome THON than wearing the greatest metallic gold leggings that’s ever graced this Earth? Paige Mittl was killing the game in these bad boys and her pink fanny pack.


I found Katie Dutt walking around the concourse in these rainbow checkered leggings. They were pretty mesmerizing when walking by, and her Nikes are just the cherry on top of the cake.


Like I said before, the galaxy game was killing it tonight. Even though we already had a pair, I had to include these ones that Rebekkah Oakley was wearing because for any astronomy enthusiast, these are mind-blowingly cool.


Lastly, both of these cool pairs of leggings stuck out to me in the crowd. Friends Maggie Winstead and Madison DiAddezio were showing off a really cool floral pattern as well as a black and gold triangle pattern pair.


Have any leggings that you think can rival these? Let us know what pair you are rocking or have seen in the comment section.

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