PETA Recognizes Alpha Fire Company For Saving Dog From Sinkhole

Alpha Fire Company is being recognized for its efforts after rescuing a golden retriever from a sinkhole at the Arboretum last week.

PETA awarded its Compassionate Fire Department Award to the Alpha Fire Company for its rescue of Skye. The rescue featured a team of people using ropes and a makeshift pulley to haul Skye out of the 15 foot sinkhole.  Assistant Chief Dennis Harris was lowered into the sinkhole to help retrieve Skye, who was lifted to safety and reunited with her family. As soon as she cleared the entrance her tail was wagging at full speed.

“These determined firefighters were all that stood between this dog and a slow, lonely, agonizing death,” PETA Senior Director Colleen O’Brien said in a release. “PETA encourages caring people to take this story as inspiration to come to the aid of animals in need.”

You can watch the video of the rescue here.

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