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This week, the Visual Arts building is home to a new kind of artistic adventure. Throughout the Zoller Gallery, the “A Peek Behind The Curtain” exhibition flaunts striking sculptures, elaborate tapestries, and an enormous circus tent. The sculptor/installation artist, Nikki Lau, is a San Francisco native seeking her MFA with a concentration in ceramics. She created this thought-provoking display with intentions of exploring the intersection of three very different but relevant themes: identity, politics, and how we view one another.


Lau chose ten historical people to display in the exhibit. The number ten was chosen to represent the ten performances that occur every hour at Coney Island Circus Sideshow. Lau transformed her core self into her features. Among them were some very notable sculptures…

DSC_0255The World’s Tiniest Man

DSC_0256The Half-Boy

DSC_0258Prince Randian, the living torso

DSC_0257Lionel the lion-faced man

DSC_0259Dolly Dimples, the dainty fat ladyDSC_0261Chang and Eng, siamese twins fused by their livers

DSC_0263and Roberta-Ray, half-man/half-woman

Lau spoke eloquently in a Q&A session about her personal influences and inspiration for the art. Lau emphasized her desire to utilize all five senses in her exhibition: the sight of the sculptures, the sound of circus music and dialogue from the movie “Freaks” on a loop, the touch and taste of peanuts, and lastly, the smell of sawdust covering the floor.

And before you ask, yes, the peanuts are free, and yes, you can throw the shells on the ground. Lau says it gives the exhibit a more “authentic circus feel.”


Lau also explained the multifaceted tapestries that line the entryway. On one side is a painting of the freak show character and on the other side is a quote from Donald Trump. In response to a question prompted by an Integrative Arts student, Lau responded forthright, “[Trump] knows how to cut deep.”

DSC_0278DSC_0266DSC_0273DSC_0265If you have five minutes between class or you can spare some time after grabbing a cup of coffee from Au Bon Pain, take a look at this intriguing exhibit and feel free to share your experience with us.


After all, we can always benefit from the insight that art can give us, right?

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