[Photo Story] Sauly Boy’s Opens On Allen Street

Sauly Boy’s, a new gourmet hotdog, burger, and loaded french fry joint opened yesterday on Allen Street at the former downtown location of Philly Pretzel Factory. Sauly Boy’s, owned by the folks behind Irving’s and Fiddlehead, boasts an industrial chic atmosphere and some incredibly delicious food. We tried it out and documented it along the way.

dsc_0461Rich colors decorate the brick walls on each side of the restaurant.dsc_0462Did someone say gelato? These homemade flavors are even tastier than they look.

dsc_0463From specialty burgers to “make-your-own” fries, Sauly Boy’s covers all the bases.

dsc_0465If this beautiful sight of double-fried goodness doesn’t make you tear up a bit, I’d gamble to say you’re allergic to potatoes.

dsc_0466Are you emotional now?

dsc_0470We tried the MexMix burger: guacamole, pico de gallo, lettuce, and cheese.

dsc_0471If you think burgers look good in commercials, consider that this is a real thing we got to experience.

dsc_0476Next up to bat: a chili cheese dog and Sauly fries.

dsc_0477And what an experience it was…dsc_0478Fries topped with cheddar cheese, scallions, bacon and the restaurant’s signature Sauly sauce.

dsc_0479All the burgers and dogs are stamped with the Sauly Boys logo.

With a great atmosphere, reasonable prices, and quality food, it seems like Sauly Boys is here to stay in State College.

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