Sara Butcher Named First-Ever Female Nittanyville President

There’s a new boss at Gate A. Nittanyville campers selected Sara Butcher, a junior public relations major, as their 2016-17 president in an unopposed election on Wednesday evening. Butcher is the first-ever female president since the organization’s inception in 2005.

“I’ve been looking forward to an opportunity to do this for a very long time. There are no words to describe it. Women actually do know sports, believe it or not,” she joked. “I want to thank everyone who has been with me from the beginning at Nittanyville. I’m not going to let them down. I’m really looking forward to the year…I’m all in.”

One of those people who has been there from the start is former Nittanyville Vice President Charlie Budney. “I’m certainly excited,” he said regarding Butcher’s presidency. “There aren’t enough women who feel they can be into sports and having a student leader [in this position] helps that in my opinion. I’ve worked with her for two years now and I think she’s incredibly capable. The future looks bright.”

Butcher started camping outside of Gate A the first home game of her freshman year. She credits the passion of Nittanyville as what initially drew her in. “Once you get into that front row, you can’t be anywhere else. It’s just not the same.” She hasn’t missed a campout yet and served as the organization’s public relations liaison last season.

In the PR position, her primary responsibilities were running the group’s social media accounts and helping to maintain positive relationships with other groups throughout the community. She said she always enjoyed showing everyone what goes on at Gate A throughout the week via twitter.

As for next season in her presidential role, her biggest goal is increasing turnout. “I want Ohio State to be one of the biggest [campouts] ever. I’m trying to beat 2012’s number,” Butcher said, referencing the record-shattering 1,176 students who camped out for the game against the Buckeyes four years ago. She also plans to expand on the weeklong campout, Nittanyville’s biggest event of the year. She said she’s working on even more activities for the much-anticipated week, on top of staple traditions like the trash can football tournament and the slam dunk contest. “I want Gate A to be the place to be. I want everyone to be there. If you miss out on it, you’re missing out on a lot.”

The campers also elected the rest of 2016-17’s Executive Committee on Wednesday. Jake Moll is the Vice President, Robert Gowisnock replaces Butcher as PR Director, and Michael Higgins is Treasurer.

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