Introducing The Onward State Community Forum

Looking for the best downtown apartments, best courses to take, or a place to vent out your flaming hot takes on how many Heismans Trace McSorley will win? Well, look no further.

We are proud to introduce the Onward State Community forum: a place to discuss, argue, and debate everything that is Penn State.

Let’s be real, those annoying “Penn State Class of 20XX” Facebook groups are just awful. Whether you’re trying to buy and sell tickets and textbooks, discuss courses and professors, or trying to find a roommate or apartment for next year, your post is bound to get buried beneath a sea of BuzzFeed listicles, Total Frat Move articles, and other useless “content.”

On the Onward State forum, however, there are dedicated topic threads and categories spanning everything from Student Life, to Penn State News, to Sports.

Signing up only takes a minute, and within no time you’ll be on your way to this:

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