Students Petition To Retract LionPATH, Rightfully Dub It ‘Outdated Ripoff’

The battle against LionPATH continues. A group of students organized a petition asking President Barron and the university to retract LionPATH and return to eLion until the new site is ready to roll out. The petition gained 300 supporters in its first two days and already exceeded its original goal of 600 supporters, currently holding 1,045 virtual signatures.

Omar Al Ali created the petition, and he says the transition to LionPATH was premature. “We as students are all paying huge tuition bills and expect non [sic] other than the very best web systems in order to make our studies at Penn State easier and less frustrating,” Ali said in the petition. “We request that in the meantime Penn State replaces LionPath and gives us back eLion to use during the Fall semester of 2016 while they continue to work on LionPath and only roll out LionPath when it is completely finished and working flawlessly.”

Ali knows that LionPATH users are undoubtedly irritated with LionPATH’s insufficient visual design and difficult scheduling process. “With LionPath lacking the aesthetics that modern websites offers, users are getting frustrated and are not willing to adjust to what they are calling an ‘outdated ripoff,'” he wrote.

Ali intends to deliver the petition to Barron so he can “get this issue resolved before the start of the next semester.” The petition gained traction on Penn State class pages comprised of both current and future students.

Supporters commented on the petition with sentiments of their own. One undergraduate student spoke about the disappointment she experienced while trying to schedule her classes on LionPATH. “…My scheduling experience for Fall 2016 was the worst experience I have had during my time as a student thus far,” she said. “I didn’t have any problems with the old system on eLion and felt that it was much simpler and straight forward.”

The petition garnered more than 100 signatures in the last 24 hours, surpassing its updated 1,000 supporter goal. Maybe they’ll reach their goal a little faster once students see the new LionPATH mobile app.

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