The Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge Against Temple Playlist

A much needed win over Temple this weekend left us both thrilled and relieved. After a rather humiliating lose against the Owls last year for the first time since 1941, it was time for some sweet, sweet revenge.

This week’s Music Monday encompasses just that. Chock full of some empowering classic rock anthems, feel-good hip hop, and a few upbeat indie tunes —  this playlist will make you feel like you’re popcorning after a touchdown again. Behold, your official Revenge Against Temple playlist. These tunes will reawaken the prideful lion within you, and hopefully evoke some faith for the rest of the season.

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Carolyn Popescu

Current senior studying Advertising and Visual Arts, Carolyn has a passion for entertainment and music. She also loves photography, film, graphic design, social media, and all things in between. She's the current Sony Music Marketing Representative for State College, so be sure to reach out to her with any local music scene questions, ideas, proposals, or if you just need someone to geek out about music with. (Contact her through [email protected] or [email protected])


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