THON 2017 Debuts Two Public Entrances

In an effort to speed up the process of entering the BJC for THON 2017, THON has implemented the use of two public entrances to enter the BJC.

One line will form outside the BJC will call (where you would normally buy tickets) per usual, but it will split into two at the front. Spectators can go either way at the split to enter the will call areas where they will receive wristbands. After entering one of these areas, spectators will be directed towards a gate to walk through the new metal detectors.

The line to Gate B will feature a series of tents acting as will call, and the line into Gate A will go through the regular BJC will call.

After going through the metal detectors spectators will be let into the BJC through either Gate A or Gate B (whichever line they initially took). Spectators are encouraged to take the shortest line, as the two entrances are exactly the same.

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