Blow-Up Basketball Has Commenced In The THON 2017 Stands

Members of Kappa Sigma have setup shop in Section 110 of the BJC with an inflatable basketball hoop normally reserved for only swimming pools.

Jake Ward and his friends have turned their section into a makeshift court, and it’s become the perfect space to launch some deep balls like Shep Garner and dunk on people like Mike Watkins in between the seats.

“We’ve really just been holding the hoop behind someone, and then have someone dunk on them,” Ward said. Who doesn’t love watching an unsuspecting individual get dunked on? It’s definitely a moment that’ll hype up anyone around to witnesses.

The section has emptied out a little bit since the start of THON, so the hoop hasn’t been getting much use recently. However, Ward is confident that his section’s numbers will return — and the basketball hoop will be a popular attraction.

“It’s empty now, but once we fill this section back up I’m sure we’ll use the hoop again,” Ward said.

Keep an eye out for action over in 110 once the BJC fills back up throughout the day. And if you’re in that section — stay woke. No one wants to be on the receiving end of a poster dunk.

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