Central PA Avengers Make Appearance At THON

Four Diamonds families and dancers were treated to a super-powered visit at the BJC when six cosplayers from Central PA Avengers dressed as Catwoman, Spider-Gwen, Mystique, Doctor Strange, and Captain America made an appearance.

The Avengers walked the concourse before spending about an hour on the floor with dancers and families. This year marks their second invitation and visit to THON.

A charity and group of cosplayers who use their passion to entertain and collect donations for sick children, Central PA Avengers was founded two years ago in an initial effort to support 10-year-old Four Diamonds child Gavin Howe. Director and founder Jason Johnson said he and a group of fellow cosplayers decided to “show up at his [Howe’s] house, give him some gifts, and cheer him up some” after hearing about his condition.

With this visit, the organization was born. The Avengers continued to visit sick children throughout Pennsylvania. Eventually, it expanded to include its current 50 volunteers, partnered with other organizations, and organized specific annual events. Johnson and his team also collaborate each holiday season to conduct a gift-giving and visiting tour. This year’s effort included four toy donation stops and five family visits.

“If there’s a kid in need, we want to be there,” Johnson said.

This visit will be the Avenger’s only appearance at this weekend’s THON—they leave Saturday morning for a single-family appointment. But participants should expect a return from the group in the future.

“We hope to keep coming back,” Johnson said.

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