Guide To Eating Cheap At The BJC Concessions During THON

Eating when you’re inside the Bryce Jordan Center at THON is in no way, shape, or form cheap. But there are ways to be efficient with your meal points or LionCash when you have to eat.

We scoured the concourse looking for the cheapest options to give you a full meal while you dance along for the 46 hours.

First one’s easy: Bring a water bottle and fill it up at the water fountains for free.

There’s no other beverage for less than $3 and water is probably the best option in the long haul.


Now the hard part is getting the most of a meal for your money. Let’s take a look at the different options around the concourse.

This is the most common concessions stand you’ll see on the concourse. On this list, not much beats the grilled chicken sandwich for $6. It’s a bit heartier than the other $6 options — chicken tender box, walking taco, and personal pizza — while also cheaper than most options on the menu.

Stuffed pretzels or pretzel dog has to be the go-to if you’re looking for something to fill you up. Like we said, banana nutella stuffed pretzels are head and shoulders above its competitors on this list, especially for the price of $7.

Stir fry for $8? Probably not your best bet for filling you up for your buck.

Cheesesteaks are easily the most filling item on the list, but is it going to be worth the cost of $8 when there’s a good chance you’ll need to eat again if you’re in the BJC long enough.

I think we’ve found the winner in here. A grilled cheese + tomato soup combo for $6 is filling and will keep you going throughout THON.


Now if you’re looking for a snack to accompany this meal, you have a few options.

If you’re looking to add some fun to you’re cheap meal, this concessions stand is found all over the concourse. Best bet is a bag of chips for $1 because you don’t need something too filling to go along with this meal.

The Grab & Go snack bar is also good option — with some healthy choices and some fun one’s. Worms in dirt is a classic to keep you in the mood throughout THON.


Final Verdict: For $7, you can get a grilled cheese, a cup of tomato soup to dip it in, and a bag of lays chips to top it all off.

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