Onward Reviews: Banana Nutella Stuffed Pretzel Beats Concession Competition

All we can say about this delicacy: Mmmm.

Right across from portal 13 in the BJC lies the hidden gem of food items available at THON, Pretzel Revolution. With their claim that it’s “home of the stuffed pretzel,” we decided to check out one of the most interesting food places on the concourse.

With options of four different stuffed pretzels — buffalo chicken, ham & cheese, pizza, and banana nutella — as well as pretzel dogs, gourmet pretzels, and cinnamon pretzels.

In search of some sort of actual meal, we decided to hit up the stuffed pretzels.

Of the four, buffalo chicken clocked in at the highest cost, $10, while ham & cheese and pizza were just a dollar less. Banana nutella was $7. Still pretty steep for a stuffed pretzel, but what isn’t in the BJC. Didn’t hurt that it was the only one of the four that wouldn’t require a dipping sauce, which was $2 extra, to reach its peak taste.

The pretzel wasn’t huge, but the taste didn’t disappoint. It passed the one-bite test. It even managed to stay delicious until the end.

The classic combination of nutella and banana made it, but the pretzel was also soft and heated to perfection to complete it as possibly the best food option at THON.

Compared to the other stuffed pretzels, it was head and shoulders above the competition. Buffalo chicken just didn’t mesh as well inside the bun as you would think and ham & cheese just didn’t cut it as a trio with the pretzel. Pizza, was well, pretty much just pizza.

Final verdict: If you’re stuck in the BJC long enough to have to cave and get concession food, Pretzel Revolution’s banana nutella stuffed pretzel is the way to go.

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