Six Questions With A Rules & Regulations Committee Member

It’s no secret that Rules & Regulations is one of the least popular THON committees. I mean, the name says it all — rules and/or regulations aren’t exactly fun. But without them, THON would fall apart.

We talked to former Onward State writer and current R&R committee member Mike Bacior about his role in making THON run as smoothly as possible.

Onward State: So, how’s it goin’? (It was really late or early depending on how you look at it)

Mike Bacior: It’s been great. I’ve been standing here for a while, soon I’ll go stand somewhere else…maybe even outside.

OS: What are you responsibilities as an R&R committee member this weekend?

MB: Our job is to ensure the safety of all volunteers and dancers during THON. My role in that involves enforcing simple rules, helping people check in, and to maintain an accurate count of people in the BJC. I also use metal detectors to scan visitors, among other things (?). I also consider it my responsibilities to have fun and pray for Bad and Boujee to come on.

OS: Are you aware of R&R’s reputation?

MB: We’re misunderstood. Sometimes we have to handle some of the less fun things involved with making THON great. Nobody wants to kick anyone out or tell anyone to do something, but sometimes somebody has to — and that’s us.

OS: What’s your favorite THON memory?

MB: My sophomore year on DR, I watched a kid sing Bet my Life during the Kids’ Talent Show. There wasn’t a dry eye in the building (or at least on my face). The kid had more or less literally bet her life on the donors and volunteers. That stays with you.

OS: What’s something about R&R that the general public doesn’t know?

MB: I have to know a lot of things about the BJC. I realize now there’s much more behind the curtain of THON than you would think from an operational aspect. Even beyond R&R I didn’t know how much goes into THON behind the scenes.

OS: If you could be a dinosaur, what would you be and why?

MB: I would be a T-Rex because then I could star in movies.



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