Penn State Librarians Create Their Own Superhero Trading Cards

If someone asked you to name a Penn State superhero, your immediate response might be Saquon Barkley and his leaps across Beaver Stadium or Joe Paterno and his 409 wins. But what about your trusty Penn State librarians?

(Photo: Rogo)

The Penn State librarians have recently collaborated with freelance graphic designer Rogo to design state-of-the-art trading cards, each of which also serve as a business card. The cards are designed specifically for each librarian and employee, giving them a caricature and superhero nickname.

The cards divide the librarians’ bio information into fun, digestible sets including email, home base, occupation, mission, super powers, and favorite book. In addition to including their real names, each librarian has a unique superhero entity. For example, librarian Amanda Clossen is the “Media Maven,” dedicating her time to “piercing the darkness of online misinformation.” Others like Glenn Masuchicka sport superpowers such as “skepticism to the nth degree.”

(Photo: Rogo)
(Photo: Rogo)
(Photo: Rogo)

You can view the first batch of trading card graphics here, and Rogo already has the second round in the works.

“Rogo has been doing librarian trading cards for eight years, so I’m excited to see how these new ones turn out,” Librarian Hailley Marie Fargo said. “For me personally, it has been fun to creatively think up a superhero name (Reference Wingwoman was what I decided) and put together the elements Rogo will use to make my own cards.”

(Photo: Rogo)
(Photo: Rogo)

The cards add a playful twist to both the occupation and the persona of the librarians themselves. Their personalities may come across as all work and no play to some Penn Staters, but don’t be fooled — these quirky, whimsical cards confirm Happy Valley’s hardworking librarians are approachable, eager to help, enthusiastic, and may just save the day (or your midterm paper grade).

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